Custom Solvent evaporator Suppliers Manufacturer | TOPTION

Custom Solvent evaporator Suppliers Manufacturer | TOPTION

TOPTION China Rising film evaporator rising manufacturers manufacturers - TOPTION,We have complete production line and testing equipment, including CNC process center.

The material liquid is preheated to the boiling point, is added from the bottom of the heating chamber, and is strongly vaporized in the heating tube, so that the generated vapor drives the material liquid to rise in a film-like evaporator along the tube wall. The liquid film continues to evaporate as it rises. The solution only needs to pass through the heating tube once to reach the required concentration. This evaporator is suitable for dilute solutions and heat-sensitive materials that are not highly concentrated.

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Guided by scientific and technological innovation, TOPTION always keeps outward-oriented and sticks to the positive development on the basis of technological innovation. Solvent evaporator We promise that we provide every customer with high-quality products including Solvent evaporator and comprehensive services. If you want to know more details, we are glad to tell you.This product has functional safety. Possible failures or faults which could lead to a hazard are analyzed in detail in the manufacture, hence they are eliminated or reduced in use.


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