Spray Drying: From Equipment to Technology

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October 13, 2023

spray drying

In large agricultural countries, the fruit and vegetable industry has become the pillar industry only after food. Fruit and vegetable powder has unique advantages, not only to overcome the shortcomings of fruit and vegetable intolerance of storage, easy to rot and deterioration, but also to meet the demand for diversification of fruits and vegetables, high-grade and fresh trend, has a broad development prospect.


Fruit and vegetable powder preparation technology is more, for example, spray drying, hot air drying, vacuum freeze drying, microwave drying, the variable temperature differential pressure puffing drying, and ultra-micro pulverization technology, etc., but spray drying because of its unique advantages, so that it is in the processing of fruit and vegetable powder occupies a very important position.

  Spray drying is done by spraying the liquid food into tiny droplets, so that they come into contact with hot air and evaporate the water quickly, thus obtaining a dry powdered product. Here are some of the advantages of spray drying in the production of fruit and vegetable powders:

  Retention of nutrients: Spray drying is a gentle drying method that can be carried out at lower temperatures, helping to retain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and natural colors in fruits and vegetables. Spray drying maximizes the retention of the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables compared to other traditional heat treatment methods.

Increased product stability: Through spray drying, the water in fruits and vegetables is evaporated, thus reducing microbial growth and enzyme activity, and prolonging the shelf life of the product. In addition, dried fruit and vegetable powders have lower water activity, reducing the risk of microbial contamination and oxidative reactions and increasing product stability.

Convenient storage and transport: Spray drying can convert fruits and vegetables from liquid state to powder state, which reduces the volume and weight of the product and facilitates storage and transport. In addition, dried fruit and vegetable powders have a long shelf life, allowing for long-term storage and worldwide distribution without seasonal restrictions.

spray drying
spray drying                

Increase product applicability: Fruit and vegetable powders can be used as additives in a variety of foods and beverages to increase their nutritional value and taste characteristics. Spray drying can prepare fine and uniform fruit and vegetable powders with good solubility and solubility, which are easy to mix and apply to food products. This offers the possibility of a wide range of applications for fruit and vegetable powders, such as condiments, bread, biscuits, cold drinks, dairy products, and so on.

Improve production efficiency: Spray drying is a highly efficient drying method that can complete the drying process of large quantities of fruits and vegetables in a short period of time. It can realize continuous production and improve production efficiency and output. In addition, spray drying equipment has a simple structure, easy to operate and maintain, and is suitable for industrial production In short, spray drying has an important application value in the production of fruit and vegetable powders, and with the increasing demand for healthy and convenient food, spray drying technology will continue to play an important role in the production of fruit and vegetable powders.

spray drying

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spray dryingspray dryingspray drying

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