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Molecular distillation technology is expected to be further enriched as industrial demand continues to grow and technology advances. Areas such as biofuels and renewable energy will lead to new applications, while the growing demand for high-purity substances will keep molecular distillation at the forefront of separation technology.

November 03, 2023

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  Molecular distillation is an advanced separation process that utilizes the differences in boiling points of various components to achieve highly efficient purification. This technique is particularly effective for separating substances with closely related boiling points or thermally sensitive compounds. By operating under reduced pressure, molecular distillation minimizes the risk of thermal degradation and achieves exceptional separation results.

How Does Molecular Distillation Work

  At its core, molecular distillation relies on the principle of short-path distillation, where the feed material is heated and vaporized in a high-vacuum environment. The vapor then travels a short distance, typically through a thin-film evaporator, to reach the condenser. As the vapor cools, it condenses back into liquid form, while the impurities and unwanted components remain as residues or are collected separately. The short distance traveled by the vapor minimizes the chances of thermal decomposition, resulting in high-purity products.

Advantages and Applications of Molecular Distillation

  Molecular distillation offers numerous advantages that make it an indispensable tool in various industries. Firstly, it allows for the separation of thermally sensitive compounds without compromising their integrity, ensuring the preservation of valuable properties. Secondly, the process operates under low pressure, reducing the boiling point of the compounds and minimizing the risk of degradation. Additionally, molecular distillation achieves excellent separation efficiency, producing high-purity products with minimal loss. These advantages make it ideal for applications such as essential oil extraction, cannabis distillation, purification of pharmaceuticals, and the production of high-quality flavors and fragrances.

Key Components and Equipment Used in Molecular Distillation

  To achieve successful molecular distillation, several key components and equipment are essential. These include a high-vacuum system to create the necessary low-pressure environment, a feed system to introduce the material to be distilled, a heating system to vaporize the feed, a condenser to collect the purified vapor, and a residue collection system. Additionally, a thin-film evaporator is crucial for facilitating the short-path distillation process by providing a large surface area for efficient heat transfer and vaporization.

Recent Innovations in Molecular Distillation Equipment

  The field of molecular distillation equipment has witnessed remarkable advancements in recent years. These innovations aim to enhance process efficiency, increase throughput, and improve the overall performance of the equipment. Some notable developments include improved designs of thin-film evaporators, advanced automation and control systems, enhanced heat transfer surfaces, and optimized vacuum systems. These innovations have resulted in higher purity levels, reduced energy consumption, and improved scalability, making molecular distillation more accessible and efficient across various industries.


New Trends and Future Prospects in the Field

  As molecular distillation continues to evolve, new trends and prospects emerge on the horizon. One such trend is the integration of molecular distillation with other separation techniques, such as chromatography and membrane filtration, to achieve even higher levels of purification. Additionally, the development of advanced modeling and simulation tools enables better process optimization and scale-up. Moreover, the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly processes opens doors for the implementation of molecular distillation in green chemistry applications. With ongoing research and development, the future of molecular distillation equipment holds great promise for further advancements and widespread adoption.

  Molecular distillation equipment has revolutionized the separation and purification processes across a wide range of industries. Its ability to handle thermally sensitive compounds, achieve exceptional purity levels, and operate efficiently under reduced pressure sets it apart from traditional distillation techniques. With recent innovations and prospects, molecular distillation is poised to continue transforming industries, enabling the production of high-quality products and driving scientific advancements. Embrace the power of molecular distillation equipment and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.


1. Does the stage refer to the runs? Like three stages will distill it three times?
Single-stage vs  Multi-stage models: Depending on the application, there are single-stage and multi-stage wiped film distillation systems available. The concept of multi-stage distillation started based on the fact that people are running multiple passes in wiped film distillation system. The multistage model enables users to run several passes in one go, therefore, it increased the efficiency of the distillation system.
2.What kind of wiper system is there… roller or scraper blade style?
It' scraper type scraping film rotor;As per customers in hemp processor industry's feedback, most of them prefer scrap style.
3.Can you provide OEM or ODM service?
Yes,we not only can provide standard model.but also have strong developing team to support OEM and ODM service.We can provide all kinds of customized services according to your request.


1.With excellent quality, firt-class service, honest business.
2.We have our own team to research, design, produce and sell.
3.We are a company combined with R&D, production and sales.
4.We have complete production line and testing equipment, including CNC process center.


TOPTION has spent more than 18 years engaged in the research, development, production, sale, and service of extraction - filtration - ethanol recovery - decarboxylation - distillation - crystallization - drying equipment, extract from plant, finally getting over 99% purity oil turnkey solution. Backed by 18+ years of industry processing experience, TOPTION wiped film molecular distillation equipment is recognized as the premier machine in the pharmaceutical | chemistry industry for distillation, including plant oil distillation and ethanol recovery after extraction. In the last five years, the TOPTION engineers team has been involved in engineering many large medical oil GMP production facilities in the US, Canada, Italy, and Israel. Equipment, buildout, and plant commissioning for lab, pilot, and facilities producing plant oil are within the scope of the projects we have completed and are currently engineering. From plant to achieve pure oil, crystal drying, column to get high purity oil, customized packaging turnkey solutions, and final purification of oil to the highest levels of quality, clarity, yield, and product value are readily performed on TOPTION equipment. Today, TOPTION oil processing technology with distillation, extraction, and isolation equipment is being provided in the USA, Europe, and internationally. ISO, CE, UL certification, On-site service, installation, and video guidance. We have helped our customers avoid long delays and high development costs by implementing proven complete oil production solutions. TOPTION, your TOP OPTION in pharmaceutical | chemistry industry.

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