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  TOPTION is the market leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of molecular distillation equipment. The high efficiency, precision, and controllability of molecular distillation equipment in various fields allows the separation and purification of substances and the improvement of the quality and performance of products. This makes molecular distillation equipment one of the key indispensable technologies in many industries.TOPTION utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures and automation technology to ensure the longevity and quality of the molecular distillation equipment we use. The molecular distillation equipment we use is the most advanced separation technology available and offers numerous advantages. The molecular distillation equipment has the highest possible vacuum. This ensures that chemicals are not harmed during the separation process, making it one of the most popular modern thermal distillation equipment.

Products Parameters

Feeding Rates(L/h)0.5L-3L/H3-15 L/h5-25 L/h5-30 L/h10-50 L/h30-200 L/h30-260L/h
Evaporation Area (㎡)0.06㎡0.1㎡0.2㎡0.3㎡0.5㎡1㎡2㎡
Wiper StyleScraper-type film scraping rotorScraper-type film scraping rotorScraper-type film scraping rotorScraper-type film scraping rotorScraper-type film scraping rotorScraper-type film scraping rotorScraper-type film scraping rotor
Vacuum SealMechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional)
Scraper Motor Power (w)200W370W370W550W750W750W1500W
Speed Regulation ModeElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulationElectronic speed regulation

Products Features 

Molecular distillation equipment is a technology used for the separation and purification of substances, based on the different volatility of molecules, and the evaporation and condensation of molecules through the control of temperature and pressure, to separate the components of the mixture.

Evaporation: The mixture is heated to the evaporation temperature so that the components in it start to evaporate. Different components have different volatility so they will evaporate at different rates.

Separation: The evaporated components enter a separation device, usually a long, thin structure called a separation column or fraction column. In the separation column, the components are gradually separated and distributed along the height of the column, depending on their volatility.

Condensation: A condenser is provided at the top of the separation column to cool the evaporated components. When the components are cooled to their condensation point, they condense into a liquid and are collected.

Collection: The condensed components are collected and separated to obtain a pure single component.

Molecular distillation equipment has the following characteristics:

EFFICIENCY: Molecular distillation equipment can efficiently separate components from a mixture. Due to the difference in volatility of different components, efficient separation and purification can be achieved.

Precision: By controlling the temperature and pressure, the evaporation and condensation process of the components can be precisely controlled, to realize precise separation and purification.

Controllability: Molecular distillation equipment has good controllability, and the operating parameters can be adjusted as needed to achieve the separation and purification of specific components.


1. Chemical industry: In chemical production, molecular distillation technology is used to extract pure chemical substances, such as alcohol, phenolic compounds, etc. used for separation and purification of chemicals, solvents, petroleum products, etc.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical process, molecular distillation is used to extract pure active substances as well as to remove impurities and unwanted compounds. for the separation and purification of drugs to improve the purity and quality of drugs.

3. Food and beverage industry: for extraction and purification of active ingredients, flavors, and colors in food and beverages, etc.

4. New energy field: in the field of liquid fuels, battery materials, lubricants, etc., molecular distillation equipment can improve the quality and performance of products.

5. Environmental protection: It is used to treat wastewater, waste gas, and solid waste to realize the recovery and reuse of resources.

6. petroleum industry: molecular distillation is used in the crude oil refining process to produce different types and purities of fuels, lubricants, and chemical products.

  TOPTION has accumulated a wealth of experience in research and development and follows the most advanced technology in order to continuously improve and innovate our products. Our production equipment and processes have been carefully optimized and upgraded to ensure efficient and stable manufacturing and high-quality products. In addition, we manufacture our molecular distillation equipment in strict accordance with quality management standards to ensure the reliability of our equipment and the safety of our users. In short, with rich experience and a professional team, Toption is committed to providing high-quality, high-efficiency distillation equipment and comprehensive quality services to meet the needs of our customers. For more information, please contact us at

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    Manufacturing Industry
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    Chemical Machinery & Equipment
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    vacuum distillation equipment, reactor, nutsche filter dryer, chiller, heater
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    David Fan
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    16~100 people
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Company Profile
TOPTION has spent more than 18 years engaged in the research, development, production, sale, and service of extraction - filtration - ethanol recovery - decarboxylation - distillation - crystallization - drying equipment, extract from plant, finally getting over 99% purity oil turnkey solution.

Backed by 18+ years of industry processing experience, TOPTION wiped film molecular distillation equipment is recognized as the premier machine in the pharmaceutical | chemistry industry for distillation, including plant oil distillation and ethanol recovery after extraction. In the last five years, the TOPTION engineers team has been involved in engineering many large medical oil GMP production facilities in the US, Canada, Italy, and Israel. Equipment, buildout, and plant commissioning for lab, pilot, and facilities producing plant oil are within the scope of the projects we have completed and are currently engineering.

From plant to achieve pure oil, crystal drying, column to get high purity oil, customized packaging turnkey solutions, and final purification of oil to the highest levels of quality, clarity, yield, and product value are readily performed on TOPTION equipment. Today, TOPTION oil processing technology with distillation, extraction, and isolation equipment is being provided in the USA, Europe, and internationally.

ISO, CE, UL certification, On-site service, installation, and video guidance. We have helped our customers avoid long delays and high development costs by implementing proven complete oil production solutions. TOPTION, your TOP OPTION in pharmaceutical | chemistry industry.
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The first thing we do is meeting with our clients and talk through their goals on a future project.
During this meeting, feel free to communicate your ideas and ask lots of questions.
They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

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