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  • Wooden box product packaging about laboratory equipment
    Wooden box product packaging about laboratory equipment
    Laboratory equipment professional export wooden box packaging, firm and safe, to ensure that you receive the laboratory equipment in good condition, at the same time, TOPTION also buy insurance for each single equipment free of charge, please open the box to confirm after receiving the lab equipment, in case of damage , we can respond immediately to ensure that your purchased equipment is put into use as quickly as possible. 
  • China Short Path Evaporator manufacturers - TOPTION
    China Short Path Evaporator manufacturers - TOPTION
    2L Short Path Evaporator details and quality display, many of our customers who are engaged in the pharmaceutical industry and the essential oil distillation industry choose this small glass short path molecular distillation equipment for preliminary experiments. It is also suitable for home laboratories. This short path distillation equipment takes up less space, requires less investment, has excellent functions, reliable quality and easy operation. Contact now for detail informations.
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