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Top rotary evaporator price manufacturers | TOPTION

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  • Always striving toward excellence, TOPTION has developed to be a market-driven and customer-oriented enterprise. We focus on strengthening the capabilities of scientific research and completing service businesses. We have set up a customer service department to better provide customers with prompt services including order tracking notice. rotary evaporator price If you are interested in our new product rotary evaporator price and others, welcome you to contact us.Our TOPTION exceeds expectations with its meticulous design. Our team of experts excel in areas such as mechanical analysis, part tolerances, fatigue analysis, functional realization and more. Trust us to deliver a product that is carefully crafted and expertly executed.

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    1.Please let me know whether you have inventory wiped film in the US. What is the price and how fast we can get it. Thanks.

    Now all wiped film molecular distillation are shipped from China. The delivery time of the MDS system is about 15-20 working days, and we will arrange the fastest transportation to you.

    1L 3L 5L rotary evaporator is in stock and can be shipped within 1-3 days, 10L and above can be shipped within 1-5 days.

    2.What are the advantages of your gear pumps?can I get more details on the gear pump?
    Yes, we design with high precision gear pump for auto charging, while most other factories use peristaltic pump or centrifuge pump;---Peristaltic pumps and centrifugal pumps cannot be fed under high vacuum conditions. The system often encounters abnormal feeding during operation. It must be shut down and deflated to re-feed. High precision gear pump not only solve above problem to feed under high vacuum condition continuously; but also have two more advantages: A. pump head design with jacketed for heat preservation, which is much important for viscous material, such as essential oil; B. Constant feed/discharge won't affecting the vacuum of the entire system
    3.Are you trading company or manufacturer?
    We are professional manufacturer with over 16 years' experience of extraction & distillation equipment. Welcome to visit our factory in Xi’an city.


    1.With excellent quality, firt-class service, honest business.
    2.We are a company combined with R&D, production and sales wholly.
    3.Our products compare favorably with other traders.
    4.We have passed IS0 9001:2005. standard, stable,reliable.

    About TOPTION

    TOPTION has spent more than 16 years engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of extraction - filtration - ethanol recovery - decarboxylation - distillation - crystallization - drying equipment, extract from plant, finally get over 99% purity essential oil turnkey solution. Backed by 16+ years of industry processing experience, TOPTION wiped film molecular distillation equipment is recognized as the premier machines in chemistry industry for essential distillation, including oil distillation and recovery after extraction. In the last five years, TOPTION engineers team have been involved in engineering many large medical essential oil GMP production facilities in US, Canada, Italy, Israel. Equipment, buildout and plant commissioning for lab, pilot, facilities producing in plant oil is within the scope of the projects we have completed are currently engineering. From plant to achieve pure oil, crystal drying, column, customized packaging turnkey solutions, final purification to the highest levels of quality, clarity, yield, and product value are readily performed on TOPTION equipment. Today, TOPTION essential oil processing technology with distillation, extraction, and isolation equipment being provided in the USA ,Europe, and internationally. ISO, CE, UL certification, On-site service, installation, video guidance. We have helped our customers avoid long delays and high development costs by implementing proven complete essential oil production solutions. TOPTION, your TOP OPTION in chemistry and pharmaceutical industry.









    Rotating flask

    0.5L ( 0.1L, 0.25L, 1L, 2L are optional)

    2L + 1L (0.1L,0.25L,0.5L are optional)

    5L ( 3L, 2L, 1L are optional)

    Receiving flask




    Lifting type

    Hand lifting / automatic lifting optional

    Automatic lifting

    Automatic lifting





    Rotation speed

    0-150 rpm

    20-200 rpm

    0-110 rpm

    Evaporation sped (H20)

    1.2 L/H

    1.2 L/H

    2 L/H

    Reachable vacuum rate

    <133Pa (1.33mbar, 1 Torr), Vacuum pump is available

    Bath power




    Static temp. control range & wave

    RT-99±2 ℃

    RT-99±2 ℃

    RT-99 (150 ) ±0.2 ℃


    220V 50/60Hz

    220V 50/60Hz

    220V 50/60Hz


    Working principle of rotary evaporator is under the vacuum condition, constant temperature heating, evaporation bottle be rotary by constant speed, material forming a large area film at the wall of bottle, efficient evaporation. Solvent vapors through the efficient glass condenser cooling, recycling in the collection bottle, improve the efficiency of evaporation.


    Rotary evaporator is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemistry and bio-pharmaceuticals industries, for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery. Especially suitable for the biological products concentration and purification which is easy to decompose deformation under high temperature.


    1. Main condenser + Sub-condenser. Makes the condensation area & collection capacity to be greatly enhanced. High efficient cooling capacity, and less waste.

    2. Double collection flask for continuously working without interruption.

    3. High quality borosilicate glass 3.3 with excellent physical and chemical properties. PTFE sealing for excellent air tightness.

    4. Explosion proof motor, UL certificated motor is available.

    5. Integral explosion-proof control panel, convenient & safe operation.

    6. Quality of detail, design of thermal insulation sleeve.

    7. Anti-corrosion & Wearable sealing system.Sealing parts are flange with PTFE, Good oil seal & PTFE sealing & PTFE valves is anti-corrosion, no vacuum degree, no pollution to solvent received.

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